The "Reinventing the Seine" approach: a call for innovative projects to support regional development

In March 2016, Paris, Rouen, Le Havre and Haropa - Ports de Paris Seine Normandie launched the call for projects "Reinventing the Seine".

In a similar vein to the "Reinventing Paris" call for projects, the initiative was a new step in the development of the Seine Valley.

The project sponsors, the City of Paris, the Rouen and Le Havre conurbations and HAROPA Port de Paris Seine Normandie relied on the three urban planning agencies of the Seine Axis (APUR, AURBSE and AURH) to coordinate the call for projects on the scale of the Paris, Rouen and Le Havre regions.

Nearly forty sites have been made available to innovators from all over the world (architects, town planners, economic players, start-ups, artists, designers, landscapers, etc) to encourage innovative projects and uses and thus strengthen the attractiveness and influence of the regions concerned.

The aim of this approach was to invent new ways of living on and by the water, on the Paris - Rouen - Le Havre axis. The process culminated in July 2017 with the designation of 20 winners, all meeting the requirements defined by the partners.

This approach to the development of the banks of the Seine and its canals has appealed to the boldness and creativity of professionals from all over the world and has been an accelerator of change.

In the years to come, the projects will be deployed along the Seine axis and will make visible another way of living along the river.

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