RFSC, The Reference framework for sustainable cities


The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC), which was made available free of charge for European cities and local authorities at the beginning of 2013, provides a reference framework for the development of territorial strategies and urban project that, in an integrated fashion, takes the four pillars of sustainable development into account. As the result of four years of work between 17 different countries, of which Cerema was the technical backbone, the RFSC offers online support for the implementation of sustainability principles in local policies and actions.
It offers the following services:
- a self-assessment tool to assess your project’s strategy, evaluate its implementation and monitor its progress
- a framework of 30 objectives to help you identify and prioritise your city’s ambitions
- a set of indicators so that cities can develop their own evaluation system
- an exchange platform to share experiences and best practices

RFSC link: http://rfsc.eu/

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