Smart City Directory - Civic Tech

Civic Tech refers to all associative or entrepreneurial projects using technologies to improve the political system and strengthen the democratic link between citizens and (local) government(s). These initiatives aim to make public action more transparent and accessible as well as increasing the power of civil society.
Companies labelled "Civic Tech" in the Smart City Directory of the Banque des Territoires (Bank of the Regions) offer, for example:
To federate citizens’ energies and foster collective intelligence;
To inform citizens about the life of the city and be connected with shops, the stops of the various modes of public transport, information panels, car parks and even cultural programming;
To value the work of the community and simplify the process of communication between citizens and public services;
To use notifications, especially "by interest groups", allowing the municipality to better target its messages according to each person's interests.
The Smart City Directory of the Banque des Territoires lets you discover the solutions of companies which work in the field of the smart city. This directory aims to bring together all the players in the city of tomorrow by linking local public players on the one hand and companies offering innovative regional services in the different sectors of the city on the other. Companies are invited to present their innovative offers here.

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