Smart City Directory - Commercial and Digital

Smart City Directory - Commercial and Digital
Both a lever for development and a factor of attractiveness, digital is an integral part of our daily lives and as such forms an essential component of the commercial strategy of a region. With a range of tools from stock management to ordering, communication and market research, the opportunities offered by digital to local commerce are many and varied.
Companies labelled "Commercial and Digital" in the Smart City Directory of the Banque des Territoires (Bank of the Regions) offer, for example:
Marketplaces for city centre retailers,
A better association of inhabitants with the diagnosis of the business needs of their neighbourhoods, so as to identify future required businesses,
A new approach to local e-commerce that combines web services with the use of social networks.
The Smart City Directory of the Banque des Territoires lets you discover the solutions of companies which work in the field of the smart city. This directory aims to bring together all the players in the city of tomorrow by linking local public players on the one hand and companies offering innovative regional services in the different sectors of the city on the other. Companies are invited to present their innovative offers here.


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