Smart Maps: the professional digital cartographic media to describe a region

Lots of people (local authorities and municipalities, estate agents and developers, employers etc) need to "sell" their region and their projects for different reasons.
Smart Maps by E-attract are the French cartographic solution that meets this need in a targeted, personalised way - by combining data, functionalities and geographical interfaces in an innovative way.
For the consumer, the end user, it is a simple, easy, fun solution that gives a precise idea of a location and its amenities (transport, shops, etc), while at the same time giving a precise idea of the property market:
-Is this the right place to live?
-Where to invest?
-Or how the transport system or main activities and nearby circuits are developing.
For the estate agent, for example, it is a tool at each key stage of their client process - communicating - capturing - convincing.

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