Smartseille, the eco-neighbourhood of the future to live in the present

The City of Marseille and the Euroméditerranée public institution are carrying out the largest urban renewal operation in Southern Europe in the northern districts of the city. It is within this context that "smartseille", the eco-neighbourhood project designed by Eiffage, was born: 58,000 m2 were built on 2.7 hectares by harmoniously combining housing, offices and services while offering affordable prices and easy access to all new technologies.

This 21st century eco-neighbourhood also provides its inhabitants and users with the best sustainable development: supply of renewable energy, eco-design of buildings adapted to the Mediterranean environment, a mix of functions, urban agriculture.

With great technical ambition and with the help of Orange Business Services, smartseille promotes urban digital transformation and responds to new lifestyles and ways of working. Technology is not an end in itself but a means to make accessible innovative services that simplify the lives of residents, promote the development of social ties and encourage the sharing of resources: e-concierge, dynamic signage, interactive terminals, shared car parks. A web and mobile portal serves as a platform for interaction between residents.

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