Support to intercommunal governance in Maevatanana (AGIM, Madagascar)

The AGIM project, supported by the Volamena Public Cooperation Organisation (OPCI) (Madagascar) in collaboration with the Ensisheim-Bollwiller Intermunicipality Water Supply Syndicate and the city of Marckolsheim (France), aims at professionalising and empowering the OPCI, to help it ensure its independent functioning and financial balance, in particular through:
- improving its institutional, technical and local governance capacities;
- participatory local development;
- optimising management of the bus station.
Administratively, the OPCI has simplified the system of tax collection by setting up a tax database and tax notification system. A reform and decentralisation of land services have also been implemented at the inter-municipal level: land registration via the PLOF (local land-use plan), increased municipal revenues through the creation of land counters and collection of rights.
The OPCI's technical department has also worked on the training of elected officials and technical staff, thus strengthening the governance models of the inter-municipality.
Thanks to a high level of traffic, the fees of the inter-municipal bus station pay more than half the costs of the STI (intercommunal technical service) and thus allow the OPCI to go even further in financial autonomy.
The bus station also improves accessibility of the crossroads city of Maevatanana, helping unclog the city’s roads.

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