Teaching new mobility: "Mobility is learned!"

VEDECOM is an Institute for Energy Transition set up by the French government as part of the Future Investment Programmes, which works mainly on the development and experimentation of technological solutions applied to vehicle electrification, driving delegation and vehicle connectivity, and shared mobility and energy.
VEDECOM also has a training mission and a comprehensive approach to disseminating knowledge and research carried out within it.

To this end, VEDECOM has developed a catalogue of training courses for experts in industry, communities, as well as a series of fun educational devices designed to better understand the technologies and uses of the mobility solutions of tomorrow, because "mobility is learned".

The Institute for the City in Motion-VEDECOM complements this arrangement with the following actions:
  • About the autonomous vehicle:
- A knowledge-testing quiz on the autonomous vehicle https://formationvedecom.typeform.com/to/H5e8hf
- A "Robospective" board game that helps you imagine "mobile robots" and question the interplay around the services they could offer.
- A 45-minute e-learning on the autonomous vehicle:  http://formation.vedecom.fr/login/index.php
  • On the psycho-social, cognitive and cultural dimensions of mobility:
- A quiz "Which traveller are you?" with 17 questions: http://www.enroute-lejeu.com/quiz/#/start
- A serious mobility learning game "On the road!" to develop the autonomous mobility of individuals, aimed in particular at people in social/professional integration or in the learning phase (school).


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