"Territories conducive to well-being and health"

"Territories conducive to well-being and health"
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Published at the end of February 2020, the trend book "Territories conducive to well-being and health" is the result of an open and collaborative process lasting several months with various stakeholders. Bouygues Construction's forward-looking teams are looking at how to design living environments that are "good for health", maximising the impact of protective factors and minimising exposure to risk factors, both in terms of their design and their current and future uses, while taking into account the needs of all populations.

Several themes and action levers are explored based on the major trends and issues for territories (pandemic, evolution of practices and services, digitalization, inclusion and accessibility...)

This booklet explores the levers offered by territorial organizations, buildings, the notion of the inclusive city and the places and services associated with new medical practices to meet these challenges, and proposes inspiring ways to put them into practice.