TriOmix, the first creative sprint that reinvents waste sorting in the city

The issue of selective waste sorting in dense urban areas is well known: we sort half as much in the city as in the countryside.
Faced with this fact, Citéo, in partnership with the Lyon Metropolis, its innovation laboratory ERASME and the Ecole Centrale, organised TriOmix: the first creative sprint dedicated to improving waste sorting in the city.
Organised in Lyon on 3, 4 and 5 July 2019, this event brought together local associations, students, designers, start-ups, waste experts and teachers, to work collectively on proposals to improve the practice of waste sorting, increase recycling and reduce waste production.
The fifty participants first underwent an immersion sequence, before taking their position on one of the challenges facing the Lyon Metropolis concerning selective sorting. The teams then proceeded to prototyping and then prepared their pitch for the opening of the premises to the public.
Six prototypes were ultimately unveiled and some of them are expected to enter an incubation phase in order to be tested in real-world conditions as early as 2020.


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10 Impasse des Chalets, Lyon, FR, France
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Thomas Flusin
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