Using the ISO 37101 sustainable city management method

Work involving 51 countries has led to the definition of a method to define and implement integrated, robust and agile urban strategies: the ISO 37101 management standard, published in 2016.
The international ISO 37101 method is a powerful management tool that maximises the benefits of a sustainable regional development policy project.

At the individual project level, it reinforces the strategic vision of the project and promotes collaboration and commitment among teams. On a broader scale, it facilitates the exchange of experience through a shared vocabulary and common methods.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition supports the use of this method by national and local institutions as evidenced by the EcoCité approach, which aimed in 2018 to conduct an experiment to use ISO 37101 with 5 pilot ÉcoCités, with a view to designing training in the integrated management of sustainable urban projects.
Agency 360 provides:
  • a project management assistance mission for the ministry (with XN Conseil, Neoclide, Efficacity and CEREMA),
  • uses it on a daily basis on its urban design and project management missions, within its training (engineering and management of smart cities in Bridges and Roads),
  • and participates in the development of this method within the national commission for sustainable and intelligent cities and regions (CNVTDI) of AFNOR (French Standards Association).

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