heritage restoration

A Land of Art and History between city and marshland
Dans le Pays de Saint-Omer, le label « Pays d’art et d’histoire » du Ministère de la Culture est porté depuis 2013 par l’Agence d’urbanisme et de développement du Pays de Saint-Omer-Flandre intérieure.
Cette intégration du label à l’Agence d’urbanisme, unique en son genre, permet une meilleure prise en compte du patrimoine, tant dans les projets du pôle urbain, que dans l’espace rural et le marais. Ainsi, le signalement du patrimoine effectué pour le plan local d’urbanisme intercommunal a été suivi de prescriptions permettant de protéger les éléments les plus remarquables du bâti...
In Pays de Saint-Omer, the "Land of Art and History" label from the Ministry of Culture has been borne since 2013 by the Pays de Saint-Omer-Flandre Intérieure Urban Planning and Development Agency.
This incorporation of the label within the Urban Planning Agency, which is totally unique, allows for better consideration of heritage, both in urban hub projects and in the rural area and the marshland. In this way, the reporting of heritage carried out for the local intercommunal urban planning plan was followed by requirements to protect the most remarkable elements of historic buildings. This label was also used to implement a plan to restore marsh barns as part of a LEADER scheme, and allowed the Agency to get involved in the management of UNESCO's "Man and Biosphere" label on the marsh website operated by the Regional Natural Park.
In addition to cross-cutting actions carried out with other stakeholders on the knowledge, preservation and restoration of heritage, the agency also mediates heritage with different audiences within the context of a programme. It promotes a more comprehensive approach by merging skills, especially in developing projects and work sites.