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Direction of French aid for towns’ climate action
Cette publication du PFVT propose les grandes orientations françaises en faveur de l'action des villes pour le climat. Ce document élaboré sous forme de grandes orientations est issu d'un travail collaboratif entre de multiples acteurs français de l'urbain, offrant une vision large des enjeux climatiques dans les milieux urbains.
Face aux constats que les villes sont des territoires particulièrement vulnérables aux aléas du dérèglement climatique et que les populations les plus précaires sont les plus rapidement touchées lors de catastrophe, ce document s’attache d’abord à l’importance de l’...
This publication by the PFVT sets out broad French guidelines for towns to take action on climate. This document, developed in the form of broad guidelines, is the result of collaborative work between multiple French urban stakeholders, offering a broad view of climate issues in urban environments.
Faced with the observation that towns are particularly vulnerable to the vagaries of climate change and that the most vulnerable populations are those most rapidly affected by disasters, this document focuses first on the importance of improving people's living conditions and autonomy, but also the need to improve urban resilience.
To address these issues, the PFVT first recommends relying on local public policy to build a sustainable city, in line with a recognition of the role of local authorities, stakeholders of the Paris Agreement. Second, the text establishes that these policies should be drawn up on a regional scale, without stopping at the administrative city limits. Finally, the issue of funding, which is also central to the implementation of public policies, is mentioned in a final part.