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Dunkirk, creative energy to reduce air pollution
Dunkerque est le 3e port Français et un pôle industriel majeur.  La Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque mène un ambitieux projet de transformation du territoire : « Dunkerque, l’énergie créative » mettra en place une symbiose territoriale urbaine et industrialo-portuaire à impact positif sur l’environnement au travers de 4 axes stratégiques : qualité de l’air, écologie industrielle et territoriale, transition énergétique et intelligence territoriale.
SUEZ a accompagné ce projet dès son origine et se positionne particulièrement sur la problématique de la qualité de l’air. Pour la...
Dunkirk is France's 3rd largest port and a major industrial centre.  The Urban Community of Dunkirk is carrying out an ambitious project to transform the region: "Dunkerque, l'énergie créative" (Dunkirk, creative energy) will set up a regional urban and industrial-port symbiosis with a positive impact on the environment through 4 strategic axes: air quality, industrial and regional ecology, energy transition and regional intelligence.
SUEZ has supported this project from the outset and is particularly focused on the issue of air quality. For the first time in France, a complete solution aimed at significantly reducing air pollution will be implemented, with very ambitious objectives such as going from more than 30 days/year of exceeding the threshold to 0 in 2027, while retaining or even attracting new industrial enterprises. This objective will be achieved by investing in innovative solutions, particularly for the capture of polluting emissions or processing recovered dust.