solidarity actions

"Transforming my region with the people"
Fiche n°01 issue du recueil « Demain mon territoire », copublié par l’ADEME et les EcoMaires à destination des élus locaux pour les aider à intégrer la dimension environnementale dans leur programme au travers de vingt fiches thématiques donnant des pistes d’action et des exemples de solutions mises en œuvre.
Convaincue que la transition écologique nécessite la mobilisation du plus grand nombre, la ville de Mulhouse donne la parole à ses habitants avec la création de la plateforme « Mulhouse c’est vous ».

Ce site internet de l’Agence de la participation citoyenne permet aux...
Card no. 01 from the guide “Demain mon territoire” (Tomorrow my Region), co-published by ADEME and the EcoMaires, is intended for elected officials to help them integrate the environment into their programme thanks to twenty information sheets providing ideas for action and examples of implemented solutions.
Mulhouse City, convinced that ecological transition requires the mobilisation of as many people as possible, gives voice to its inhabitants with the creation of the platform “Mulhouse c’est vous” (Mulhouse is you). This website from the Agency for Citizen Participation allows the people of Mulhouse to vote, comment and object to projects proposed by the city. Inhabitants can propose solidary actions thanks to a suggestion box.
By being put to the vote, these solidary initiatives can then be examined by the municipal council only if they get the support of 250 members. A 300 000 euro participative budget is allocated by the city to finance projects which are thought up and voted on by its residents. Finally, a place called “Le Carré des Associations” with tailor-made services is made available to citizens to support them in the promotion and development of associative activities.                     
By mobilising its inhabitants, Mulhouse is transforming each of them into stakeholders in the ecological and solidary transition.