Arkinova - activity generator

Arkinova is a technology hub dedicated to eco-building, bringing together young start-ups, R&D companies, architects and engineers. The Basque Country urban authorities wanted this building to be exemplary: the materials that were used have a low energy and carbon footprint, enabling the structure to be energy positive, suitable to tomorrow’s societal, technical and energy changes, while respecting the environment. Offices are modular and equipped with cutting-edge technologies (3D digital modelling).

Societal trends impacting mobility and logisitics in Europe at the horizon 2030

Mobility4EU is a Coordination and Support Action of the European Commission started in January 2016 and lasting for 3 years, until 31 December 2018. The project aims at delivering a vision for the European transport system in 2030 and an action plan including a roadmap to implement that vision. A deliverable was issued in 2016 to establish a comprehensive view of societal trends that have an impact on mobility and logistics in the future, in Europe at the horizon 2030.

Ground Control 2018 : SNCF’s new temporary location in Paris

After the first successes of the « La Chapelle » railyard site in the 18th district of Paris and the « Grand Train » in 2016, SNCF welcomes « Ground Control » on the former Charolais railway mail sorting center, in the context of the urban transition program by SNCF Immobilier. This project aims to regive a temporary life to the unused railway grounds as it waits for an urban conversion in response to the new uses and needs of the city.

The Urban Climate Challenge: Getting French cities on board with the Paris Agreement targets

In July 2018, WWF France published a study entitled “The Urban Climate Challenge: Getting French cities on board with the Paris Agreement targets”.

The study, a collaborative project with EcoAct, highlights the responsibility of French cities in terms of climate change, their commitment to this front, and proposes local targets, inspired by the Paris Agreement, for France’s ten largest cities.

The Control and Command Center, a unique tool for urban supervision and operation

SUEZ has pioneered the Command and Control Center, an innovative urban supervision tool that facilitates an enhanced management of the public space by consolidating and analyzing the data generated by a city’s operations: traffic regulation, video-surveillance, street lighting, emergency services, and more. This trailblazing solution is being piloted in the Dijon metropolitan area, and will transform this city with a population of 260,000 into the first smart and connected city of its kind in France.

VISIO : a 360° control center for a comprehensive oversight of regional water resources

Faced with growing urbanization and the increasing scarcity of water resources, local authorities are committed to incorporating sustainable development principles into their water management policies. Thanks to its VISIO centers, SUEZ supports local authorities by offering a digital management system for their water and sanitation services.

AQUADVANCED Urban Drainage®

AQUADVANCED® Urban Drainage is a real-time software solution made up of three modules for the continuous monitoring of the sewerage system, the prevention of flooding, the protection of the natural environment and the optimisation of the existing regulation and treatment infrastructures. These technologies are used in the smart control centres that centralise and analyse the information and the alerts sent by these systems.

Digital Saint-Etienne, a digital platform for an urban data management

SUEZ group, in partnership with the Saint-Etienne municipality, was awarded the “Sustainable and United City” Call for Expression of Interest by the National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU) within the framework of the Future Investments Program (PIA). SUEZ is developing a next-generation interoperable, open and scalable digital platform that will facilitate citizens’ access to public data while providing the city with quality information.

Terr’innove: a new partnership to support territories in their energy transition challenges

ENGIE has evolved in order to better meet local expectations and be as close as possible to local issues and authorities. ENGIE helps territories to become:

More sustainable

More efficient

More innovative

More attractive

By collaborating with them to develop tailor-made solutions to address their concerns:

Help local governments make better use of their local energy resources and provide more efficient and efficient services

Provide greener, more competitive energy

Boost the local economy