City of smart, digital territories

City of smart, digital territories
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The smart city and the digital transition are a way for urban planning agencies to rethink their philosophy of action, their missions and the evolution of their businesses to guide the transformation of the territories in they work. The National Federation of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) has therefore devoted a major part of its 2017-2018 action agency to developing digital technology. A survey of the urban planning agencies was conducted in early 2017 to better understand the actions and territorial strategies employed. It was hoped that this investigation would identify common areas  of work and frame the direction of FNAU’s key actions. This material made it possible to outline the first areas of reflection and served as the basis for a debate between the FNAU Bureau and French Deputy Luc Belot as part of his parliamentary mission on the smart city. This FNAU No. 41 document therefore shows how urban planning agencies have taken up issues of digital transition. How do they approach the changes related to these issues?