"Inventing New Regional Solidarity" White Paper - Energy and Territories Workshop

Created in 2012 by EDF, the Energy and Territories Workshop is a laboratory of ideas, studies and research. As a venue for meetings and debates, it invites stakeholders from cities and communities to better understand the energy transformations at work and suggests concrete proposals to make energy a driver of attractiveness for the region.


With the support of its scientific committee and partners, the Workshop provides a head start for regional decision-makers for informed and responsible energy management.

Batiment-Ventilation.fr: Building ventilation reference site

With the aim of making all resources on ventilation regulations available to construction stakeholders, the website www.batiment.ventilation.fr is aimed primarily at professionals involved from the creation and prescription to receipt and maintenance of ventilation systems.


Protecting Oshakati from heavy flooding during the rainy season

Oshakati is one of the largest cities in northern Namibia and regularly suffers from heavy flooding during the rainy season.


In collaboration with its partner IMDC, Tractebel has developed a sustainable solution to protect Oshakati from these floods. This solution involves constructing an embankment to the north-west of the city as well as bridges and locks to divert and control floodwaters coming from Angola around the city. At the top of the embankment, part of the future ring road will be modelled in 3D and built according to Oshakati's design master plan.

WEECAM project: implementation of a sustainable W3E recovery sector in Cameroon

Solidarité Technologique is a French association working in Yaounde in the field of vocational training for disadvantaged young people and the recovery and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (W3E).

"If the city" : for territory-wide consultation with all its users (EpaMarne)

This tool is aimed at all users of a region (residents, students, employees, businesses, travellers, tourists etc) to encourage them to question its long-term evolution. Both a simulator and a serious game, it invites users to put themselves in the place of the planner and to address the major challenges facing the region by 2030: to solve the housing crisis, ensure a socio-economic balance, reduce the carbon footprint, etc.

Energy transition and urban planning video: how to move towards sustainable cities?

Combining environmental, climate, energy and network issues with urban planning, mobility and housing policies is essential for building sustainable regional projects. Land use is the most effective lever for successful energy transition as it directly impacts energy demand.

For example, it can create car-dependent, highly concrete cities which do not regulate temperatures, or, on the contrary, economical, resilient cities offering an attractive living environment for their inhabitants.

Consultation tools for the Local Intercommunal Urban Plan of Grenoble Alpes Metropole

CARTICIPE / DEBATOMAP' is an online participatory tool designed by the Repérage Urbain team to expand the consultation process on urban projects or urban planning documents.

This tool was set up for consultation on the Local Intercommunal Urban Plan of Grenoble Alpes Metropole (49 municipalities, 443,000 inhabitants), with 3 different phases of debates (October 2016 to March 2018).

Thanks to an interactive map, local citizens and stakeholders could suggest ideas and spark debates on regional land use planning.

The digital web of South Alsace: benchmarks, stakeholders and digital issues applied to the industries of the future

Digital technology is spreading to the economy as a whole. While some activities are strictly digital, such as computer activities or software publishing, digital is also found in many activities such as industrial automation, installation and maintenance of production lines and so on.


Ultimately, digital technologies are being deployed, like a web, throughout the economy.