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International cooperation
Grand Est Solidarités et Coopérations pour le Développement (GESCOD) is the regional network of stakeholders from the Grand Est who wish to be part of a concerted policy of international cooperation and solidarity. GESCOD is a real link between the State, regional communities and civil society organisations - associations, companies, various other institutions - and is a platform for stakeholders whose aim is to strengthen and amplify the international openness of the regional territory in which it is part, the Grand Est. These activities are built within the framework of sustainable partnerships involving many other stakeholders in the regional territory, keen to act together and in synergy around development programmes co-constructed with international partners, specifically in Africa and Latin America. This pooling of know-how, skills and expertise, and this synergy of key players at the regional level makes it possible to conduct cooperative projects from one region to another.
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Espace Nord-Sud
17, rue de Boston
67000 Strasbourg

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